Jason has played pool most of his life. He started playing when he lived in Indiana and was attending Purdue University. I, on the other hand, have a very limited experience of bumper pool in my parents basement when I was young.

Jason started playing regularly again once he was back in the Midwest. It became another passion of his as a hobby. I’ve always enjoyed playing for fun, however, lacked the skill and drive to play.

​​A little over a year ago, we joined a pool league with a scrappy little team we formed. We lovingly refer to it as, Felt Royalty. We held our own the first season. Who am I kidding. We barely made it through. We had to scrape the bottom of the barrel every week just to make sure we had enough players for the evening.

Four season’s later, we are sitting high in standings. We’ve had the same core group of players now for three seasons with a few additions here and there. We’ve seen each other improve and learned a few tricks along the way.


It’s been a great way for us to get to know others with the same passion for pool as we have. We even were able to get a pool table of our own this past fall. That’s a story of it’s own.

Now that we have a table in the house, the kids have actually started to enjoy playing. Oddly enough, Audrey has become a little pool shark…all by luck. I’ve never seen anyone make the shots she makes with little or no effort. She actually understands how she should make the shot, but has next to no form or aim. She’s amazing….and frustrating when you’re playing her.

​​Jason’s in Florida for training with LG so I’m solo for pool tonight. Wish me luck!

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Kristelle Maguire
Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

Kristelle Maguire

Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

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