Welcome to our blog!  Jason and I have been talking about starting a blog off and on for two years now.  People seem to think we have an interesting life, so we’d love to share it with you to see what you think.
Let me introduce my family to you.

I’m Kristelle and this is my manly man of a husband, Jason.  We met when he was in high school and I was in college.  Cool your jets.  I am only two years older than him.  Anywho, we both grew up in EXTREMELY rural Indiana, where everyone knows everyone else….as well as their business.  We met at TJ Maxx where we worked together and became friends.  We dated for a very short period, however, both ended up going in opposite directions.  He ended up on the east coast for almost 18 years, while I landed in Texas.

Jason and I married in July 2014 and currently live in Copper Canyon, Texas,  just north of Dallas/Fort Worth.  After homeschooling my kids for seven years, they are all now in public school and I work out of our in home photography studio.  I absolutely love my family and photography so it was a natural transition to start our own photography business.  My niche is portraits.  Every time I shoot a different session, whether it’s a wedding, newborn or senior session, I think it’s my new favorite.  I just absolutely love taking portraits and capturing the beautiful memories of someone’s life.

Jason has worked in the electronics industry most of his adult life and he continues to do so working for Creative Channel Solutions as a regional sales manager for LG.  However, when he moved back to the Midwest, he started to hone his passion for photography.  His love for music is almost parallel, so he combined the two and continues to pursue his dream of concert photography.  After we got married, I searched to find outlets to publish his work, but had a hard time finding the level of professionalism for which we wanted to be associated.  True to form, I suggested we start our own publication and here we are three years later with our own online lifestyle entertainment magazine, TTLMag.com.

Our six kids are wonderfully weird and crazy just like us.  They are, oldest to youngest, Rileigh, Klahdia, Landon, Karter, Audrey and Ella.  They are my heartbeat.  I will leave it at that as you will get to know them soon enough.

Our goal is to give you a glimpse into our daily or maybe weekly life to start.  We will be as transparent as we safely can.  You can expect to hear about our businesses, vacation/travels, extracurricular events and generally anything that keeps us busy.  PLEASE, leave us suggestions on what you’d like to hear from us and a howdy every now and again.  You are going to learn a lot about us…maybe more than you care to learn!
We are a hot mess most of the time.  We are really weird most of the time.  We are really loud most of the time.  We are proud of who we are….most of the time!

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Kristelle Maguire
Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

Kristelle Maguire

Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

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