One of the bonuses of owning an entertainment magazine are the assignments.  We have contributors all across the U.S. which has given us tremendous exposure.  We would me remiss if we didn’t take any opportunity available to venture out to reinforce these relationship as well as professional contacts.  That being said, Tamapa, Florida hosts Gasparilla Music Festival every year for two days right in the middle of spring break.  This was the perfect opportunity for Jason and I to solidify some of those relationships I was talking about!

We headed out Thursday with a quick stopped in New Orleans to say ‘hi’!  We arrived around 9ish and stayed for just a couple of hours.  I. LOVED. IT! After sampling a bit of the fare and grabbing a local beer, we headed to our hotel, about an hour outside of the city to rest our weary heads.
We had to drive all day Friday to ensure we’d make it in time for the festival opening on Saturday.  We got in around 9:30.  Being the frugal one, even though it was spring break for everyone else, I opted to book our hotels separately, the night before we needed them.  We are Choice privilege members and this was going to give us the most points for free stays in the future.  No problems so far, however, when we get to the hotel, the host tells us she does not have our reservation, even though I have a confirmation number.  Not really that big of a deal because she still has ONE room left and it’s less than our original room.  Off we go…

It was the smallest room I’ve ever seen or stayed in with the tiniest of beds.  Now for me, that’s not quite an issue. For anyone sleeping with me, well, let’s just say Jason might have well have just started on the floor.  At least we had a room.

We shot the festival Saturday and had a great time.  We left to grab a bite and find a Choice hotel room for the night.  No luck.  It’s spring break after all, right?  Jason started searching on Airbnb and found a room in a fantastic 9 bedroom home that was pretty much empty.  He’s learning and searched for a discount code which he did find. All said and done, it was a bit less than a hotel.  I was a little skeptical about staying in a strangers home, but it really was a great experience.

It turns out that the owner’s daughter had convinced him to list the property(they weren’t living in it at the time)the day we requested to stay.  He was going to be moving back into it, but hadn’t quite done that yet. The girlfriend, Suzanne, was our contact and she had literally been throw in the situation.  Bless her heart, she was so embarrassed that she didn’t even have matching sheets and towels.  We didn’t care.  We only needed a place to rest our heads for the night because we were headed home the next day.  We will definitely be using Airbnb again!

Sunday, we headed to the beach!  We literally drove down the coast line to Indian Rock, picked up a few shells for the girls and stuck our toes in the sand for a picture.  It was cool, overcast and a bit hazy, but the salt air was refreshing.  I can’t wait until we move to the Caribbean!

We were also fortunate enough to be able to meet up with an old high school friend for lunch.  Well, maybe Jason wasn’t so fortunate.  We hadn’t seen each other in over 20 years so we had a crap load of catching up to do!!!  Four hours later…we were on our way home.

It was a long trip, but was a fantastic time!  We’re already planning out next road trip…San Diego. Kaaboo, September 15.  Who wants to join us?


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Kristelle Maguire
Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

Kristelle Maguire

Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

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