Yes, you read that correctly.  MY journey to Eagle Scout has been one of the most difficult journeys of my life. 

I knew very early on that having a large family I would need to be very diligent about outside activities and scheduling.  As I mentioned in I CHOOSE MY HUSBAND FIRST, society dictates we sacrifice as parents to meet all the wants of our children, however, we have chosen not to set such an example.

Since my children were little, I have preached to them, pick one thing and be good at it.  I get infuriated when I hear parents complain about their children’s busy schedules when they are the ones allowing them.  They allow their children to run their lives out of guilt instead of setting a good example of priorities.  If you choose to allow your child to participate in every activity available, that is a CHOICE….STOP COMPLAINING!!!!!

There has only been one activity that I have been adamant about my boys completing since they joined and that is to earn their Eagle Scout as a Boy Scout.  Unfortunately, I allowed their father to take the reigns on this until three years ago when we divorce and my oldest failed to complete this task.  

Why is it so important to me that they earn this rank?  Some of the noblest leaders have acquired this rank and it is seen as a great accomplishment by college educators, employers and many other leaders of today’s society.  It carries with it a rank of distinguished leadership, commitment, and loyalty that cannot be reproduced by any other organization for teens.  Eagle Scout Rank is something that a boy can carry with him for life.

That being said, boy oh boy has it been a rough road!  My middle son has fought me tooth and nail on this because he was introduced to public school and all of its distractions.  As a divorce’ it’s been quite the challenge to continue parenting as I had before when my ex has changed his stance in so many areas.   Although we agreed years ago that all our sons would get their Eagle Rank, their father has waivered off and on for the last three or so years which has made it very difficult to stand my ground and explain why we originally agreed it was important.  Fortunately, Jason was a Boy Scout earning Order of the Arrow rank and completely understands the importance an Eagle Scout Merit Badge.

Regardless of their father’s stance, I know without a doubt, my sons will be better men, better equipped to handle what live gives them partly due to the experience they have gotten on their journey to Eagle Scout.  As a mother, I know I am a better mother seeing them through this task for the last several years and can’t wait to walk across the stage when they receive it.  I get to do that right?   I get to walk across the stage too, right?





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Kristelle Maguire
Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

Kristelle Maguire

Just a mom and wife finally living and chasing her dreams with her family.

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